Sourcing from India Masterclass


While most private label sellers buy products from China, an increasing number of e-tailers are exploring alternative markets to diversify their business and minimize risks.

The import tariffs imposed by the US on China-made products have further accelerated the need to look beyond China. And India is one of the key alternatives sellers are looking at. The country specializes in producing unique, high quality, handcrafted and organic products that can potentially be more profitable. Suppliers accept low MOQs and generally have more respect for buyers’ IP than their China counterparts. Communication is also smoother as English is spoken widely.
While there are advantages of importing from India, there are also pitfalls and cultural differences you need to be aware of.

Join this exclusive and first ever India sourcing workshop at Retail Global!

What you will learn:

  • Why source from India – pros and cons
  • How does sourcing in India compare with sourcing in China
  • Which products does India produce competitively
  • Overview of eco-friendly products made in India – a fast-growing category on Amazon
  • Key production hubs
  • How to find and vet suppliers
  • Negotiating price, payment terms, order volumes
  • How to manage quality
  • Logistics and shipping
  • ​Cultural sensitivities – why suppliers don’t say “No” and how to deal with this
  • Insider tips for doing business effectively
  • Trade shows to attend


You will walk away with an immense amount of knowledge and insider information that will help you source from India with confidence. You won’t find this exclusive content anywhere else!