Protecting AU Private Label Brands in the US, UK, and Japan (your next growth market) and from your own Chinese Factories.

Top Three Issues for AU Brands and How AU Sellers Can Protect Themselves and Enjoy Long Term Growth On ALL US Platforms

1. Protecting your AU Brand in the US, UK, Japan includes expanding your Intellectual Property rights around the world.  You will learn how and can register your rights around the world right from your laptop during the workshop;
2. Policing & Enforcing Your Intellectual Property Rights in the US, UK on all platforms;
3. Chinese Intellectual Property Law for Online Brands.  Learn how to register your trademark in China and other key steps to protect yourself from your own Chinese Factory.

Giveaways: Each attendee can have a free copy of any one of the following books:
Amazon Sellers Guide to Trademark Law
Amazon Sellers Guide to Copyright Law
Amazon Sellers Guide to Chinese Intellectual Property Law
Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions.