Learn The Secrets of a (Mindful) Growth Hacker


Everything is changing due to the accelerating pace of technological change. What has worked up until now isn’t working anymore. Be honest. Yes, you might be continuing to deliver profitable growth, but at what cost? Personal, Cultural, Societal, Environmental. There is another way. The approach that has served us up until this point will no longer continue to serve us for much longer and unless you start to investigate what comes next and develop yourself so you are in a position to help lead your business, you will be left behind quicker than a blockbuster video store in an online streaming world.

In this workshop we will go through the 9 steps your business needs to go through to maximise profit today, whilst positioning your business to still be relevant in the shifting landscape of the future. Learn of the growth hacking mindset required to leverage technology and marketing to really drive exponential business growth and (mindful) profit maximisation. Learn what are the psychological and physiological hacks that you can apply to people and culture to create superhuman creativity, innovation and thinking (increasing critical faculty and executive function) as well as empathy, rapport and loyalty previous not even dreamt of.

Understand how you need to approach the rapidly progressing future technology in order to keep up and maximise the beneficial impact on your business and bottom-line. All mindfully of course. We must create profit that is beneficial for people and planet – profit for purpose.Otherwise you will never maximise your businesses full potential. Are you ready to leave your competitors behind?