Get Stuffed Google! – Increasing Sales before Traffic


Have you ever had the feeling that eCommerce design lacks retail experience? If so then this workshop by Jim Stewart is for you! This will be Jim’s 12 th Retail Global workshop and seats always sell out fast. In this year’s Masterclass Jim will be sharing his knowledge, experience, and case studies collected over this past year working with eCommerce retailers. Jim has been a pioneer in the field for almost two decades and believes in going against the accepted digital marketing norm; rather he has created a broader digital marketing system, one that isn’t as focused on any one particular digital marketing acronym and places sales growth firmly before the whims of Google.

During this workshop you will learn why eCommerce retailers shouldn’t stop at the input of their web designers and should start implementing tried and tested customer experiences garnered from decades of bricks and mortar retail. The workshop will show you how to analyse your user platform preferences, increase traffic, and ultimately business growth. These action points can be applied to your own site for instant results.

Jim will also explore some real life case studies, such as:
• A retailer, desperate for more organic traffic, only ended up with 0.5% more, but 280% more revenue!
• How a retailer spends $4500k per month for a return of $103k!
• And how a 12% decline in organic traffic gave another retailer 131% more sales!

Jim encourages questions and conversations in his workshops and will present a good and bad example of current customer and user experience, allowing you to see the value in trusting your own retail instincts that you should utilise on your own store.

Bonus 1! Every attendee of Jim’s workshop will walk away with a copy of his new book “Get Stuffed Google! – Increasing Sales before Traffic”. This tells Jim’s digital marketing journey over the past two decades from the birth of the Internet era in Australia to his recent struggle against the establishment all while advocating a new way of building business growth by focusing on the needs of the eCommerce customer.

Bonus 2! Plus a free Pulse digital mystery shop! Pulse is the only digital mystery shopping service on the planet and is a superb way to identify areas of your eCommerce store that are not only causing customers to pull out their hair in frustration, but to objectively identify issues that are losing you money and reasons for cart abandonment. It’s not witchcraft, just good old fashioned results based on proven retail experience.