Feeding the Brand Vortex – How to Find, Test, and Validate NEW Products Before Your Competition!


A vortex starts small.  It starts with the input of energy, of time, and of outside influences.  A successful e-commerce business is the same.  And as we inject more components into our own vortexes, they begin to grow larger, faster, more powerful.  They begin to crush your competition. They begin to not be dependent on one sales platform, or one type of sales channel at all.  They become a beast of beauty.  And profit.

In the workshop “Feeding the Brand Vortex” by Tim Jordan, Tim will be doing a deep dive into some of those critical components that he and his team have found and proven to be very successful in creating those growing businesses.  In this workshop, he will be sharing with us super-concentrated insight into those components that so many people are not focusing on (but should be).

  • How to identify, source, and test non-saturated products (be the first to mass market!)
  • How his team drives self-promoting traffic to his brands, so he doesn’t have to pay for it in ads!
  • How alternative sourcing methods and locations can create MASSIVE rewards for your profits and brand value
  • How his team systematically tests “pilot products” and identifies “flagship brands”
  • The 5-step process his team uses to let ad campaigns give him data, saving TONS of money in bad launches
  • How his team helps pilot clients through the journey of arbitrage to a true Brand Vortex!

We are confident that you will hear tactics, techniques, and practices that you have never heard before, and will walk away from this workshop with mountains of new insight that you can apply on your business IMMEDIATELY, no matter what type of business model you are engaged in now!

BONUS:  Because of the relationship that Tim and the Retail Global team have, Tim has offered a killer bonus for all attendees in his workshop:  2 months free membership in the 1-Degree Mastermind group.  This is a mastermind program with exclusive content on various topics, as well as direct networking in guided “topic channels”, and even regularly scheduled “round table discussions” with time and his inner circle.  This mastermind program costs $247 per month (USD) to subscribers, but he is offering 2 months completely free to all “Feeding the Vortex” Workshop attendees!