Advanced E-Com – Building a REAL E-Com Business in 2020 and Beyond!


As Tim has been selling and working in the e-com space since 2015, he has experienced a lot of changes in the Amazon ecosystem and the overall e-com world as a whole! He now speaks around the world, helps create training content for some of the biggest and most respected names in e-commerce, and consults with billion dollar companies!  With his experience as a seller, combined with helping more than 1,000 other online sellers, he has noticed some of the things that make people succeed, or that make them fail…  Coupled with this knowledge and his outside-the-box-thinking, Tim has developed a number of strategies and research methods that have allowed him to continue finding product opportunities on Amazon specifically, but that work on ANY e-com platform in general!

In this workshop brought to you by Retail Global, Tim will be sharing a number of the in-depth practices and strategies that are being used RIGHT NOW to create success.  He will be sharing techniques and even REAL LIFE EXAMPLES that he does NOT normally share to audiences, and this info is sure to help you in your e-com business no matter WHAT platform you are selling on!

Some of the top highlights that will be covered include (but are not limited to) are:

  • Product Research – How to find products that are IN DEMAND with LOW COMPETITION
  • Buying Data through PPC – The method for validating that is UNRIVALLED!
  • Keywords – What they are, how they work and WHICH ONES MATTER?
  • Launch – What works now, what is NOT working now, and what is all B.S.?
  • Branding – How to scale beyond borders, beyond platforms, and achieve 6x multiples.

This workshop is INTERACTIVE, meaning there will be lots of time to discuss and ask questions.  In addition, Tim never sticks to a powerpoint presentation only…  He will be walking you through some of these methods LIVE, and sharing his screen as he digs into product opportunities, even sharing some of his ACTUAL PRODUCT finds that are in demand, with low competition!

BONUS FEATURE! If you attend the Advanced E-Com workshop with Tim Jordan, you will get to be a part of a 30-day product challenge!  After the workshop, Tim will set up a private FaceBook group where all members can join and follow along.  This 30 day challenge will be to hold each other accountable and answer any questions you might have in your journey to find your first (or additional) product using the methods learned in the workshop!   This is a GREAT way to keep involved and continue learning well beyond the workshop and conference!  Tim will share the details, benchmarks, and goals that will be used in this challenge during the workshop.  Make sure to lock in your ticket to be included in this awesome add-on!