When Will Amazon Launch In Australia? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

28th July 2017
When Will Amazon Launch In Australia? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The Buzzword of 2017? AMAZON

There’s no doubt about it, Amazon is 2017’s wonder-kid and there seems to be absolutely no slowing down its exponential growth.

Amazon recently joined the ranks of Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft when it was valued at $500b and could well be the first company in history to be worth 1 trillion dollars! Honestly, it feels strange even typing that number.

Try and wrap your head around that number!

1 trillion dollars is a difficult number to comprehend, so let me try to put it into perspective for you.

  • The entire eCommerce industry in Australia is valued at $32.6b
  • Our country’s entire GDP is around $1.2t as of 2016…WOW
So what can we expect from Amazon over the coming months? When are they expected to launch down under and how will it affect YOU?!

The opportunity that Amazon brings to smaller retailers is immense. If you haven’t already looked into getting onto the marketplace then do it. NOW! As soon as you finish reading this blog, click here and figure out where you fit.

Distribution Centre

A MASSIVE Amazon distribution centre

Amazon has been on the hunt for distribution centres across the country for most of this year, and they need LOTS of space. They will be rolling out their entire offering including Prime and FBA (fulfilment by Amazon). I can confirm that they have acquired the first of many DC’s and it’s located in Melbourne (Dandenong South to be precise).

Amazon is extremely efficient at launching their services around the world, so expect the ball to start rolling much faster from this point on…8 weeks from now, faster.

Really? 8 weeks!?

Really! This has not been confirmed by Amazon in the media, but the media are not online retailers. The E-comm giant has been contacting retailers around the country, perhaps even you, encouraging them to jump on board before they launch and have told some retailers that this could be as little as 8 weeks away! This confirms that they will be alive and active before the Christmas rush.

What can we expect?

Here are just a few things to watch out for;

  1. For one, HUGE price drops. It is predicted that Amazon will undercut their competition by up to 15%!
  2. Amazon Prime – I’m sure most of you are aware of the glory and greatness that is Amazon Prime, but if not then here’s what you need to know. Amazon Prime is a subscription service costing the consumer only $99 per year and guarantees 2 days (max) delivery time. And yes, that’s everywhere in Australia. In major cities, it’ll be even faster. If you order before 1 pm, you will receive your order the same day! Apparently, breaking records is their thing now. Check out what happened on Amazon Prime Day this year.Amazon prime
  3. FBA – ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’ allows you to store your products at the distribution centres around Australia and then they pick, pack and send your products for you and provide customer service for these products, leaving you to focus on the most important things in your business and life!Fulfillment by amazon


So what’s the synopsis here? Simple…


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