What are you waiting for? It’s time to get Affiliate Marketing digital plans

11th November 2015
What are you waiting for? It’s time to get Affiliate Marketing digital plans

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most important online marketing channels for retailers, a low-risk, high return medium whereby retailers and publishers engage on a performance basis. Affiliate Marketing consistently ranks as a top online tactic for attracting new customers and growing online sales.

So what does a successful affiliate program look like in 2015?

Unlike other forms of performance marketing, affiliate isn’t based purely on an algorithm or media buying platform. Relevant partnerships require a personalised approach which can only come with the committed efforts of people from both parties. Working with an affiliate network such as Rakuten, will greatly assist with engaging advertisers and publishers. Our platform helps to facilitate tracking, reporting and payments, whilst our people ensure partnerships are significant and driving value through continuous optimisation of the account.

For businesses looking to utilise affiliate, it’s important to make sure that they are aligning their affiliate activity with their greater business objectives. Think, do you want to drive traffic, increase conversions, or use affiliate as a lead gen tool? Once this is established it’s essential to regularly communicate your business objectives with your partners.

After establishing what you want to achieve, the next step is to test, learn, review and optimise.

Test different publisher models. In 2015 we’re seeing new models appear, as well as the continued improvement and value of the tried and tested publisher models.

Whether it be emerging O2O publishers, who help advertisers trace in store sales back to online; the use of blogger networks who are creating easier ways for bloggers to connect with your brands; or the use of apps which ensure your customers are being reached regardless of what device they use, each model will differ in the value that they bring to your brand. Coupon sites can be great for tactically increasing retailers AOV, whilst Blog’s spread the word and Cashback can help to re-engage with your existing customers.

If you’re working with a network it’s important to remember that your account manager is there to guide you in delivering your business objectives, consider the different models that they present as it’s often a surprise to advertisers when they trial a new or different publisher model and see results.

It is then through optimisation that real growth is achieved. Networks with a robust selection of tools, reporting, analysis and attribution help ensure the success of a program. These assets allow you to see which incentives, content and channels are driving awareness and conversion, which are moving consumers along the purchase journey and ultimately resulting in sales.

As mentioned earlier, people are just as important as the technology. In any partnerships there are always two parties with varying interests and it’s the responsibility of the people and teams within an affiliate network to help nurture these partnerships.

To find out more about Affiliate Marketing in Australia, come along to the PeSA Retail Global where Anthony Capano, Managing Director at Rakuten Marketing will lead a panel of experts who will share the best tips and tricks to drive a successful program.

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