Hottest Aussie Online Retailers 2018

25th January 2018

The Hottest Aussie Online Retailers for 2018

We compiled a list of the Hottest Aussie Online Retailers across fashion, beauty, food and wine, homewares, electronics and more! Australia is rich with powerful and driven business leaders that have created beautiful and successful brands.

They deserve our recognition.

To help you keep an eye on these industry movers & shakers, we’ve even given you links to their twitter accounts.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Kate Morris – Adore Beauty

CEO and beauty advocate, Kate Morris, is the first Australian retail personality to grace our list. Kate, Founder and CEO of Adore Beauty, got her start in the beauty industry when she worked on the cosmetic counters at a major department store. She quickly learned that many women find department stores intimidating and saw an opportunity.

Kate was even laughed out of the major banks doors as a budding 21-year-old entrepreneur.

Fast-forward 16 years and Melbourne-based Adore Beauty now turns over $20 million in revenue and employs around 35 people.

Who’s laughing now?


 John Winning – Appliances Online

John Winning is the fourth generation CEO for The Winning Group since its establishment in 1906 and now operates both Appliances Online and Winning Appliances, Winning Group’s brick-and-mortar retail business.

John became CEO of the century-old family business at the age of 22 and attributes a lot of his success to his ‘great team and loving what he does.

John is an adrenaline junkie that obviously loves winning (pun intended) and is damn good at it.


Jane Cay – Birdsnest

Jane Cay is the Snowy Mountains based founder and CEO of Birdsnest and is living proof that being based in a regional location won’t inhibit online success if you’re passionate enough.

Jane launched the women’s apparel store in 2008. Since then, Birdsnest has become one of the top 40 most visited clothing sites in Australia and employs over 80 people.

Jane got her start in the online industry when she worked for IBM as an e-business consultant before marrying a farmer and moving to the sticks. The rest, as they say, is history.


Fleur Beserk – Beserk

Fleur Beserk is the founder of one of Australia’s favourite small online retailers, Beserk.

The alternative clothing and beauty brand took out the People’s Choice Award for Small Business at the 2016 ORIA‘s and has generated a loyal customer base with over 400,000 followers across social media.

Fluer started Beserk in 2000 with one brick and mortar store and has overcome many challenges while transitioning to the online space. One of which was losing nearly everything during the Brisbane floods of 2011.

They’re now Australia’s largest alternative clothing online retailer. Oh, and they accept bitcoin.


Tony Nash – Booktopia

Tony Nash is the founder and CEO of Australia’s largest online bookstore, ‘Booktopia’. The pure-play online retailer has made the AFR fast 100 list  8 times over the last 9 years, coming in at 75th this year with a yearly revenue of $99.7 million for FY17.

Tony has been involved in the digital space for more than 17 years. Even with Amazon knocking on Australia’s doors, Tony isn’t worried. Tony is sure that Booktopia can compete with Amazon in the way that is proven to work for them; by focussing on the customer.


Gabby Leibovich –

What started in 2006 as a daily deals website selling 1 product a day, has grown into The Catch Group offering over 30,000 products and generating $306 million in revenue for FY17.

Gabby is regularly being presented in the media as a fun-loving CEO, bringing in comedians, mind-readers, and giving out monthly awards to his 400+ staff.

With the recent re-branding from Catch of the Day to, Catch Group has grown significantly over last financial year, posting a 2017 revenue of $306 million. #lifegoals


Nathan Huppatz –

Nathan Huppatz is an eCommerce veteran and the CEO of the online fancy-dress store, Nathan was an early adopter of eCommerce in Australia, starting way back in 1999.

After having his fingers in many different pies, Nathan started in 2010 with Brendan Taylor.

With growing revenues, not to mention the impressive longevity, it’s no wonder is one of Australia’s most impressive independent online retailers, and why ‘Huppy’ has graced our list.


 Jess Hatzis – Frank Body

Jess Hatzis, along with uni-friend Bree Johnson, started Frank Body in 2013 with 1 product and $5000. Since then, the business has grown to generate over $20 million per year…from old coffee grinds.

The Melbourne based entrepreneur is constantly attracting media attention from the likes of Forbes, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan and many more.


Erica Stewart – HardToFind

Erica Stewart co-founded Hard To Find in 2008 and sales have increased more than 100% year on year since the launch.

Erica’s optimism & tenacity, along with brand exclusivity are the main contributors to the success of the marketplace over the last 10 years.

Hard To Find aims to curate unique gifts from sellers all around the world, some of which cannot be purchased anywhere else. They keep up this reputation by turning down nearly 90% of retailers that are wanting to sell on the platform…ouch! Stewart must be doing something right, seeing as Hard To Find brought in $20m revenue in 2017.


Lucy Glade-Wright & Jo Harris – Hunting for George

Lucy Glade-Wright and Jo Harris are the sister duo, Co-Founders of Melbourne based homewares store, Hunting for George. Since it’s launch in 2010, Hunting for George has grown 181% year on year and has been named Best Small Independent Retailer at the 2017 ORIAs.

Hunting for George is not just homewares, though. Their blog has over 300,000 engaged followers and they are leaders in content creation in the online retail sector.

Their unique approach to the online shopping experience definitely stands out from the crowd. My favourite part? The ‘Shopping For Dudes‘ section. Filled with aptly named shopping sections such as ‘I’ve only just started dating a girl and now it’s her birthday’, and ‘She’s just a friend but I WANT to kiss her face’, gift shopping has never been easier for men. These simple additions have definitely helped make Hunting For George a top Aussie retailer and a great online experience.


Mitchell Taylor & Danny Milham – Koala Mattress

Longtime friends, Mitchell Taylor and Danny Milham, started Koala Mattress in November 2015 with less than $2,000 in the bank. They achieved $13 million in revenue in their first year and now have an annual turnover of $50 million. Not bad at all. I actually own a Koala Mattress, and can honestly say that the purchase experience is quite unique.

Mitchell and Danny started Koala with the intention of disrupting an overpriced industry with low satisfaction ratings. We can safely say that they are well on the road to achieving this goal if they haven’t done so already.


Ruslan Kogan –

If you’re not yet aware of the success of over the last 12 years, then you’ve probably been living under a rock.

Australian eComm E-preneur Ruslan Kogan started in 2006. Since then, the company has grown significantly and is now Australia’s best-performing stock for 2017, as well as becoming the first pure-play ecommerce store to pay dividends. now hosts over 50,000 products and definitely does not show any signs of slowing down.


Lorna Jane Clarkson – Lorna Jane

Easily one of Australia’s biggest success stories, Lorna Jane achieved around $195 million in revenue for 2017. Lorna Jane has seen some tough times recently with accusations from a previous employee of having a fat-shaming culture. Now that the accusation was proven to be false, Lorna Jane is pushing forward, and hard.

Lorna Jane-Clarkson has made business personal by teaching women to love, accept and look after themselves. According to Lorna, success is measured in happiness, not dollars. And she seems pretty dang happy.


Lana Hopkins – MonPurse

Lana Hopkins launched Monpurse from her kitchen in 2014 with just over $10,000 capital and a great idea.

Lana came up with the idea for affordable, high-quality, build-your-own handbags, following a trip to a build-a-bear pop up in Westfield. Within 3 months of launching, MonPurse had made it’s first million in sales.

Since then Lana and the MonPurse team have been kicking goal after goal and now have an annual revenue of over $30m. The desire for tailored, high-quality design experience is rising rapidly, with an industry growth rate of 700% year on year.

So how does Lana keep up with this insane growth rate? By being ‘fiercely passionate, insanely focused and being a good human’. Her words, not mine. Congrats Lana!


Jodie Fox – Shoes of Prey

Jodie Fox started Shoes of Prey with her then-husband, Michael, in 2009.

The lawyer turned advertiser turned entrepreneur, came up with the idea of an online, tailored shoe experience after some friends arrived back from a trip to Hong Kong and told her about a place where you could walk in and design your own shoe in-store.

Jodie and the team raised $30.6 million from investors and, since then, has sold tens of millions of pairs. Carly Rae Jepson, Elle Macpherson, Rhianna and even Kate Middleton are just some of the big names wearing the bespoke shoes.


 Jane Lu – Showpo

Jane Lu (aka @thelazyceo) started Showpo in 2010 and now has an annual turnover in excess of $30 million and over 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

The accountant turned fashion entrepreneur appeared on the 2017 Financial Review Young Rich list and is now turning her focus to international expansion.

In an interview with ELLE Australia, Lu gave this advice; “Don’t be so worried about what other people think, and don’t have a fear of failure”. So don’t expect this fiercely passionate online retailer to slow down anytime soon.


Julie Stevanja – Stylerunner

Back in 2012, Julie Stevanja was in a bikram yoga class and wanted some activewear that was fashionable and cool. So she thought, why not do it herself? But in Julie’s words, ‘Success is 1 percent idea and 99 percent execution’.

In the first 3 years, Stylerunner grew 1736% to a company value of $50 million. The fashion forward sportswear brand now ships to over 100 countries and features more than 50 brands.


Andre Eikmeier & Justin Dry – VinoMofo

Andre Eikmeier and brother in law, Justin Dry, came upon the idea for VinoMofo after 4 failed wine business attempts…5th time is the charm, right? If you don’t already know, VinoMofo is also a subscription service providing 12 handpicked wines to the Vino loving Mofos every month.

For a company now turning over more than $70 million, the road hasn’t always been easy. Justin and Andre decided to sell off 70% of their business in the early days in the pursuit of quick scalability.

A year on, they realised it was a mistake and got the rare opportunity to buy the business back. They quickly became one of the fastest growing companies in Australia.



There are many outstanding Australian Online Retail Entrepreneurs with inspiring stories, and hearing those stories is a big part of why we love what we do. Congratulations to these great Australian business leaders who have followed their dreams and seen great success!

This industry is always growing, ever changing and keeping up is harder than ever. To keep your finger on the pulse you need to be ahead of the game and trends. Luckily, we do the grunt work for you and get all the experts under one roof so you can focus on what matters…your business. Check out Retail Global Gold Coast 2018 and who knows, maybe it’ll be your name on this list in 2019.