The Coronavirus, Sex Really Does Sell, and Advanced Amazon Strategies

13th February 2020

How the Coronavirus is Affecting Aussie Retailers

Usually, when I use the words ‘viral’ and ‘disruption’ in this newsletter it’s a good thing. But not in this case.

It has been almost a month since the world was introduced to the bat-soup originated flu known as the Coronavirus. And in that time a lot has happened. Cruise ships have been stranded at sea, Christmas Island has become a quarantine zone, and the Aussie dollar continues to sink as investors brace for the slowdown in China.

But how is Australian Retail being affected?

Australian retailers importing electronics from China are already feeling the pinch as production slows down due to the closure of Chinese factories where these electronics are made. JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Kogan, and Nura are just some of the Aussie Retailers that are rallying to keep production losses to a minimum. Fashion, food, and homewares are also feeling the production pinch. Although some of the larger retailers that have many sources and suppliers for their products insist that their supply chain has not yet been affected and that they are monitoring the situation closely. 

Chinese tourists and students make up two-thirds of Australian luxury shoppers

The issue isn’t just with the supply chain…

Chinese tourists and International students spend more at Australian retail stores than any other nationality. Chinese consumers account for 32 per cent of luxury retail sales worldwide and are estimated to be responsible for at least two-thirds of the luxury fashion market in Australia. The ban on travellers from China has already started to affect brick-and-mortar stores in Australia’s CBDs.

Has your business been affected by the Coronavirus panic? Let us know by replying to this email. 🤒😷

Sex Really Does Sell… Rob Godwin | Love Honey

Recently, I along with the Retail Global team went to New York to run the Vendors in Partnership Awards. We were walking along 7th ave towards the event space and saw a silver caravan parked on the side of the road with the Love Honey logo on the side. Now, if you don’t know what Love Honey is, they are a UK retailer selling adult toys and lingerie. I was surprised to see the caravan and was wondering if they were just selling, you know, their ‘product’ on the streets of NYC. As it turns out, they were running a pop-up where people could come and exchange their unwanted Christmas gifts for adult toys! Did someone give you socks and a tie again? No problem. Swap the socks for some handcuffs! But keep the tie. Good ties are hard to come by. 

We are fortunate enough to have Rob Godwin, Director and Head of Operations at Love Honey coming to speak at Retail Global 2020. Rob will be teaching you how to take your brand global, and with ideas like the one I mentioned, you can be certain it will be interesting, to say the least. 🍆💘

Why is the adult toy and lingerie industry a pioneer for local brands on a global level?

Lovehoney Australia went from a bedroom to market leaders in under 5 years and we want to share how!

5 Key Takeaways

  • We sell in a global marketplace – you need a global view – and how do you do this
  • Adoption of technology – seamless interactions
  • Customer Service focus – putting the customer first every-time
  • Social media & Ad Spend- how to cut through on social media & make your $$ work
  • Aussie – be loud & proud – how to use your Aussie background

This session will appeal to small to medium companies – from startups to senior managers/owners/directors, We have heaps of fun, informative and priceless lessons from the 6 years in Oz and 18 years globally

Plus some interactive stuff with the audience 😉

What’s Coming Up…

Thursday 27th February

Advanced Amazon Meetup: Using Advanced Keyword Research to Find Product Niches

There are dozens of ways to find products to sell on Amazon. One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is looking for products!

Keywords are the ‘blood’ that run through Amazon’s veins – so finding keywords with demand and low competition makes product research easy. It’s the basic law of economics; supply and demand. Amazon isn’t saturated, niches exist everywhere.

In this session, Chris Thomas from the Australian Seller Podcast will show you 2 techniques to find products using Advanced Keyword research through Helium 10.