Tora Brophy

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Tora Brophy

Retail Lead, Google

Tora Brophy is a Direct to Consumer specialist with 10 years’ industry experience across the eCommerce and Retail sector. Starting his career on the shop floor, Tora has progressed to lead complex eCommerce and physical retail strategies for multiple global retailers across Australia and New Zealand.

Tora’s career journey has taught him to keep the customer at the centre of all decisions, and the value of creating winning team environments where everyone gets better together.

Outside of work, Tora likes to spend time with his family and get outdoors. As a keen surfer and hiker, Tora’s notable adventures include hiking the 180km Annapurna Base Camp Trail and surfing in countries such as Samoa and Hawaii.

Tora is currently the Retail Lead at Google, where he supports some of Australia’s top retailers to achieve their business goals.