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Thomas Green

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Thomas is a futurist and thought leader on how businesses achieve purpose driven growth through technology. Being a third-generation retailer, his family being in the retail game since 1922, Thomas has been very privileged to have had amazing training in how to forge long lasting customer relationships and really serve customers. His family had a department store, chain of retail toy stores, multiple catalogue and direct-mail businesses, computer sales, games console, wholesale, property management, property sales and rental and multiple buying groups. Thomas was involved in many technology firsts on a product level, from the Telex machine, FAX machine, first analogue mobile phone, first CD player, first portable CD player and SEGA’s launch in to the UK with their first consumer games console.

Through the experience of several start-ups and a Dotcom business, to strategic growth consulting with CEO’s. Thomas focused on how Enterprise technology and direct marketing can be leveraged to optimise the customer journey along the
marketing to sales funnel to increase profit and growth; is what gave Thomas his growth hacking skills. After a life changing near death experience, Thomas left behind a very successful technology career in the city of London, as mindless profit maximisation was no longer palatable. During a multi-year sabbatical searching for solutions to modern day problems; Thomas explored mindfulness, meditation, behavioural psychology, behavioural economics, neurolinguistic programming, shamanism and conscious business. In this exploration Thomas learnt what organisational leaders need to understand to be
able to achieve growth mindfully today and in the future.

Enter the Mindful Growth Hacker!

It is safe to say that combining technology and revenue driven customer experiences to create purpose driven growth is my thing…. Since being in Australia I’ve been working with business using a blend of data-driven marketing, behavioural psychology, robust IT technology architecture and mindfulness to implement effective purpose driven culture and mindful business growth today and in the future.