Steffen Daleng

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Steffen Daleng

E-Commerce Manager, The Co op Bookstore

For over a decade Steffen has founded and co-founded companies in Denmark, Italy and Indonesia, with the majority of the companies involved in eCommerce – from eCommerce Retailer to Digital Agency.

Successfully launching a consumer electronics eCommerce retailer in 2006, Steffen became the driving force for pursuing more ventures within the digital sphere, leading to the launch of Profitize in 2009 – A Full Service Digital Agency specialising in eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation, Strategy, Design/Development and Digital Marketing.

Having helping more than 300 global SMEs fulfill their digital potential through Profitize and the experience from running four eCommerce Stores, Steffen holds significant experience in global eCommerce strategy and Digital Marketing tactics on a B2C and B2B level.

Having failed in several ventures, and succeeding with a few, Steffen brings years of experience to the table for small, midsize and larger organisations, and openly gives insights into the failures and successes along the way in funded, bootstrapped and corporate environments, and how to succeed in driving successful growth and retention strategies online.

Steffen currently heads up the multi-award winning digital team at The Co-op where he is responsible for the digital platforms, ecommerce and digital marketing strategy.