Omar & Zane Sabré

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Omar & Zane Sabré

Co-Founders, MAISON de SABRÉ

Dentist brothers turned global business owners, 26-year-old Zane and 28-year-old Omar Sabré, built MAISON de SABRÉ, a multi-million dollar personalised luxury leather accessories brand in just two years.

When their father was diagnosed with Leukemia, Omar who was a full-time dental surgeon in New Zealand, and Zane who was on dental placement at a University in Australia, decided to start a side-hustle as a gateway to pay for Zane’s final year tuition fees. Despite knowing very little about the industry, the brothers realised consumer demand for phone cases and wanted to create a brand that refined personalised leather goods by ignoring the fast-fashion runway trends in place of quality leather accessories that outlast fashion seasons.

With #MakeYourMark at its core, a movement that inspires people to be the best versions of themselves, through the functions of everyday life, MAISON de SABRÉ provides a canvas for self-expression and confidence in owning one’s identity. Leveraging Instagram, the brothers set out to build a brand based on a lifestyle that followers would aspire to through influencer engagement.

In 2018, the first year of operation, MAISON de SABRÉ clocked $1.9m AUD in revenue, allowing Zane to pay off his entire dentistry course fees of $180k and graduate with a degree in dentistry. However, the rapid success of the startup prompted Zane and Omar to leave their dentistry careers and transition to full time roles at MAISON de SABRÉ to focus on its continued growth and expansion internationally. In March 2019 (year two) the company hit $10M in revenue, with year-on-year average growth of over 500% (self-funded).

Today, MAISON de SABRÉ’s Gold Coast HQ houses 20 full-time in-house staff and growing. The business has acquired over 100,000 customers, operates in five localised online stores – US, ANZ, Japan, Canada, and South Korea – and ships to over 131 countries worldwide.

In April 2020, Zane and Omar were recognised in Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 Class of 2020 for their contribution to the retail and e-commerce industry.


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