Neil Waterhouse

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Neil Waterhouse

Author of Million Dollar ebay Business from Home – A Step by Step Guide

Neil Waterhouse is a pioneer in the computer/e-commerce world. Right from school, he was the first in his high school to have a computer at home. Back in 1980 when the school he attended, Manly Boys High, in Sydney, Australia, received their first computer he was there, teaching his ‘teachers’ how to use the computer. From there, he had his first part-time job demonstrating Apple computers at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show, when he was just 15-years-old.

Neil has always worked on the cutting edge of the computer industry, and was one of the first to not only adopt the Internet, but own one of the first Internet service providers in Australia. In 1991, Neil started ‘Cam1 Computer Wholesale’, which became one of the largest computer hardware suppliers in Sydney. Neil was also one of the pioneers in implementing Internet marketing, and one of the first to generate over 1 million dollars in sales from home.

Neil started with eBay in 1999, and has sold millions of dollars of items through eBay from his home in Sydney, Australia.  In 2009 Neil was recognized by eBay as one of the top eBay sellers, and was invited by eBay to speak on the eBay Top Rated Seller Panel. Since then Neil has been an invited Guest Speaker for Amazon, Alibaba, The Professional eBay Sellers Association as well as radio shows all over the world.

Neil is also the founder and host of Australia’s four largest eBay Meetup groups in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Neil has many firsts in the e-commerce world including first Multi-Million Dollar ebay Seller for Australia Post eParcel and first Multi-Million Dollar eBay Seller for Channel Advisor Australia.

Neil is also the creator of Dropship Formula ™ and Circle of Dropship ™