Matthew Cummins

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Matthew Cummins

Operations Manager, Cycle Station

Matthew is a passionate multi-platform retailer, who manages a successful online retail business, oversees operations within a brick & mortar retail store, and also helps other businesses to succeed on their online retail journey, with a particular focus on successful sales growth on eBay.

Matthew has proven experience in business transformation. Over the last 5 years he has influenced the development of what is now Cycle Station from a single cash register bricks and mortar retail business with no computer systems and an ineffective brand, to a newly rebranded business with full stock control, great staff morale and an enviable reputation, which operates from a state of the art retail warehouse with up to 1000 bikes on display at any time.

Over the same time period, he has been the primary driver in development of the online retail arm of Cycle Station, starting from zero sales to a 7 figure turnover business unit, operated from a separate warehouse facility.

Matthew employs insightful use of integrations with multiple Marketplaces, with Cycle Station now selling in the main retail store, a pop up scooter shop, on the website, eBay, Amazon and Catch marketplaces.

Outside of his work at Cycle Station, Matthew is a passionate and active administrator of the eBay Sellers Australia, Amazon Sellers Australia, and the new Catch Sellers Australia Facebook groups, where he assists hundreds of online retailers in their everyday challenges.

After operating a small Web Design and Online Marketing business for more than a decade, Matthew has just launched Retail Revolution, a new concept set up as a collective of experienced Online Retailers who also provide Consulting Services to new businesses in the Industry. Retail Revolution will do just that: Revolutionise the Retail Industry to allow those in earlier stages of growth to access the invaluable experience of successful online retailers.