Mark Gray

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Mark Gray

Head of Cross Border Trade,

Mark Gray, Senior Partnership Manager and Head of Cross Border Trade at, is an expert in eCommerce, Cross Board Trade and Online Marketplaces.  Mark helped launch the marketplace and has led teams in Digital Marketing services across Australia/New Zealand/Europe/USA/ and Asia Pacific

In his current role, Mark is responsible for managing partnerships and cross border sellers for New Zealand’s newest Marketplace,  Helping brands and retailers overcome the challenges of cross border expansion, merchandising, ICT partner relationships and business acquisition is where Mark spends most of his time

Mark is passionate about eCommerce and helping retailers/manufacturers sell their products online.  He has presented at over sixty-five industry events globally and has been an occasional guest on Sky News and The Switzer Report. Mark has also written for the Sunday Morning Herald, BWT, SmartCompany and many various and industry publications helping to educate vendors about online commerce.