Lisa Wong

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Lisa Wong

Founder, ShelfTrend

Lisa Wong is one of the Founders of ShelfTrend.  She has over 17 years experience within the Internet industry, 9 years of which were with eBay in various leadership roles in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Lisa’s career at eBay was greatly influenced by her early work with eBay sellers in 2008 and 2009 while she was the Head of Seller Experience during one of eBay and PayPal’s most tumultuous times. From there she became a strong advocate for ensuring eBay sellers were well informed and supported to adapt to changes in the eBay environment.

Lisa is passionate about enabling eBay sellers with early data that could protect, prepare and propel sellers toward taking advantage of greater opportunities on the world’s largest marketplace.  This passion is her focus on ShelfTrend.

ShelfTrend is an inventory intelligence tool that delivers data on live listing activity on the eBay global markets.  ShelfTrend data empowers merchants and brands with access to faster analytics enabling them to make better decisions to grow sales volume. ShelfTrend knows that the earlier a merchant spots an opportunity the more likely they will stay ahead of competition and succeed.