Jason Stockton

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Jason Stockton

Director, Emote Digital

For a fascinating look at digital marketing from an agency perspective, Jason Stockton presents his deepest insights gained from a portfolio of his agency’s most successful online clients. Award-winning agency, Emote Digital lives right on the bleeding edge of digital production and eCommerce, through a young team of tech wranglers who live with their ears on the ground and their fingers on the pulse.

As a self-taught prodigy child of the eighties, Jason Stockton was one of the youngest ever Australians to be appointed as a Director of a digital agency, now leading the team at Emote Digital. Jason is also the creator of digital marketing phenomenon, ExHail, hotly sought out by clients and fellow agencies alike.

From his previous life as a user experience developer, Jason’s philosophy is to remain fluid and flexible in order to harmoniously play alongside Google’s ever-changing algorithms and the patterns of user behaviour.