Daryll Mitchell

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Daryll Mitchell

College Principal & Main Seminar Facilitator

Daryll Mitchell has been a musician branching into music therapy and martial artist for over 25 years. He has spent much of this time, particularly in reference to the martial arts, working with Tao and light principles and channelling Chi energy.

His musical talents have taken Daryll on lengthy journeys around Australia the world, yet all the while, searching for other meanings to life – Chi energy (in Japan “Ki”, and in India “Prana”). During his touring, he was constantly studying and searching out teachers in remote parts of the globe to provide snippets of information and insights.

Daryll Co-manages the Renascent group of Companies, The International College of Intuitive Sciences, Renascent College and Renascent Bath & Body. He is an International Lecturer, Natural Therapist, Photographer & Clinical Practitioner.

Daryll’s goal is to awaken the consciousness of humanity to understanding there are many things in our lives that effect us besides the physical seen effects and to share with people knowledge on how to begin to harness and utilise the amazing potential that lies within each and every one of us.

Daryll Mitchell is the college principal and main Seminar facilitator. Mr Mitchell conducts classes, seminars and workshops, clinic appointments and home or business Feng Shui consultations.