Speaker Spotlight: Wayne Shelley of Stuffed with Plush Toys

22nd May 2017
Speaker Spotlight: Wayne Shelley of Stuffed with Plush Toys

“Every time I go to Retail Global, there’s one or two things I pick up and implement in our business that jumps us up another massive percentage” –Wayne Shelley

Stuffed With Plush Toys™ has been selling stuffed animals, plush toys, soft toys, hand puppets, and more since 2006. After falling into the business via a chance meeting with a toy importer, they’ve grown their business and sold over 300,000 toys to over 40 countries.

Owners Wayne and Litsa Shelley were able to grow their business beyond its start-up limitations by embracing helpful technologies like Neto’s inventory management and smart marketing practices like targeted email marketing. Now, their 1700+ SKUs are cross-listed across platforms like their own site, eBay, Amazon, and more and they’ve seen massive growth – up to 44% in a single year!

Stuffed with Plush Toys’ success can be attributed to

  • Smart fundamentals, like 24-hour order fulfillments and impressive customer service
  • Willingness to invest in smart technologies, like Neto’s inventory management
  • Openness to new tactics and strategies, like embracing targeted email marketing

Now, Wayne and Stuffed with Plush Toys are looking for ways to expand their business even more. As veterans of Amazon US, he’s anticipating Amazon’s Australia launch to open up more international business and increase their global presence.

Wayne will be attending Retail Global this year and participating in Friday’s Roundtable session at 12:00 pm. Make sure to attend and introduce yourself. Wayne is not only a veteran Retail Global attendee but the founder of the Facebook forum “The NETO E-Commerce Users Group” and is a moderator on “Amazon Sellers Australia”. He’ll be happy to chat, share resources and knowledge, and lend his advice on how to grow your niche market business.