Speaker Spotlight: Sonia Tilley

23rd May 2017
Speaker Spotlight: Sonia Tilley

Online retail has long been an industry where women can drive decisions, create businesses, and lead the way. Too often they are underrepresented at the table.

This year, Sonia Tilley will be leading a Roundtable session aimed at women retailers who undervalue what they do. An experience eCommerce seller herself, Sonia not only owns and operates the coffee-focused Auspresso but has also been selling on eBay since 2002.

From her years as a seller and her experience moderating the group eBay Sellers Australia, Sonia has noticed that women tend to underestimate the value they bring to their business. She’s noticed that many of the women members tend not to actively share their insights, even though they’re very knowledgeable in their industry, subject, or discussion point.

If this is a subject that interests you, make sure to attend Sonia’s Roundtable Steam C session, titled “Women in Online Retail….are we just too shy?”. It will be held this Friday at 1:40 PM.