Speaker Spotlight with Neil Waterhouse

22nd March 2017
Speaker Spotlight with Neil Waterhouse

Recently, we sat down with Neil Waterhouse, eBay Multi-Million dollar seller and author of “Million Dollar eBay Business From Home: A Step-By-Step Guide”, to get some tips, tricks and an inside look at what makes a great eBay Seller! Neil will be speaking at Retail Global 2017 on the Gold Coast, Australia on ‘How to build a million dollar dropship eBay business with less than $100.’

 Q. What is the most common piece of advice you give to online retailers?

A. Start with selling only proven products which are already successfully selling with other dropship sellers and making a profit.

Q. What’s the one thing online retailers could improve on today?

A. Taking more time listening to their customers, presale and post sale.

Q. What are the trends in your particular area of the industry?

A. Drop shipping is growing with not just online businesses, but also with bricks and mortar businesses, due to all of the benefits dropshipping gives. For example; for an online business there’s no inventory on hand, no warehouse, no shipping products and no warranty repairs, etc. 

Q. Can you tell us about a time where you helped solve a client’s challenging situation? We all love a bit of inspiration, after all.

A. Absolutely! I worked with Tim Knight from Sydney recently. When I first spoke to Tim he had an eBay feedback rating of 85 and his goal was to build a million dollar business from home so he and his wife could work from home together and spend more time with their children. Tim realised his goal of building a Million Dollar eBay Business within one year and they have moved to the family’s dream location of Byron Bay, where he now runs his multi-million dollar eBay business from home.

Q. What will our delegates learn from you?

A. How to build a million dollar drop ship business from the comfort of their favourite chair.

Q. If you were starting your own online store TODAY, what are the 3 things you would DEFINITELY do?

1. Build an exit strategy from day one so the business works without me. 

2. Start with selling only proven products which already sell well and make a profit. 

3. Implement automation software as quickly as possible and also leverage my time by implementing the use of low-cost overseas outsourced staff as soon as possible.

Q. And finally, what is the last thing you bought online?

A. A wetsuit for my wife

If you’d like to know more about Neil then visit our website. Or, if like so many others, you want to learn “How to build a million dollar drop ship eBay Business from the comfort of your favorite chair”, then make sure you come to Retail Global 2017 on the Gold Coast. CLICK HERE FOR AN EXTRA $50 OFF!