Speaker Spotlight: Foresight Online Group

20th April 2018
Speaker Spotlight: Foresight Online Group

Like many retailers out there, Melissa Wilkinson and Matthew Mosse-Robinson started their business to fill a gap in the marketplace. For Personalised Favours (now part of the Foresight Online Group), that gap happened to be personalised wedding products. Melissa’s background in product design and creative mind fuels their product development, whilst Matthew’s business and tech know-how drives their marketing and selling strategies.

Since Melissa joined forces with her brother-in-law Matthew in 2013, these family entrepreneurs have grown the business to employ over 20 people, sell on six marketplaces, and mail out over 2500 orders every month.

But their journey from backyard startup to large, Australian-made business hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing. Like anyone, they’ve learned the hard way the there is no such thing as an overnight success.

That’s why both Matthew and Melissa will be speaking this year at Retail Global Gold Coast, sharing lessons and tips on how to avoid these big pitfalls and succeed in growing your own online business.

Until then, they’ve shared this advice for retailers:

Advice for Retailers

Act fast

The market and your competitors are evolving constantly, and too many retailers get bogged down trying to calculate every possible outcome. Instead, you need to adopt new technologies and strategies to be ready for the next opportunity.

Seek Inspiration

Some retailers get too laser-focused on mimicking and adopting every strategy of their competitors. Instead, search out new ideas and inspiration from diverse retailers, experts, and thought leaders.

Customers first

Whether you’re a one-man shop or a growing company, Matthew and Melissa recommend focusing on the customer experience. Many business owners have trouble letting go of the day-to-day operations, or dial in too closely on procedures. Instead, let those tasks become secondary to ensuring your customers have a great experience. Test out your store’s shopping experience, hire people to test it out for you, and send out customer surveys.

Grab Attention

How can you keep your site visitor’s attention long enough for them to make a purchase? Try improving your buyer experience. A simple way is to switch out static images with video.

Keep it Fresh

Customers are willing to search for exactly what they want – so give it to them. Find a way to differentiate your products – like personalisation – to set your products apart and create a point of difference.

“Forget about your own company – just think about what makes your life easier as a customer and how they progress through your website.”

–Matthew Mosse-Robinson, Personalised Favours

The biggest point that Melissa and Matthew emphasise, though, is that there is no magic trick. Success – and sales – are the result of hard work, smart risks, and innovation to meet your customer’s needs.

You can catch up with Melissa and Matthew in person at their talk at Retail Global, or connect with them on their blog, LinkedIn (Melissa, Matthew), Twitter, and Facebook. If you haven’t already secured your spot, don’t miss out on the pre-show savings – experts from every facet of online retail will be speaking at Retail Global, offering you the perfect opportunity to evolve your business and expand your sales.



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