Speaker Spotlight: Anita Williams

23rd May 2017
Speaker Spotlight: Anita Williams

Which marketing strategy you should implement right now? Marketing is a critical component of any online retail business, yet too many companies are spending big money on campaigns without first fully planning them out.

Anita Williams, Marketing Manager for Costumes.com.au and ReadytoShip, will be helping Retail Global attendees create a simple, actionable marketing plan in her session, “What You Need To Know And Do Before You Spend A Cent On Marketing.”

The first component of any great marketing plan is to first understand your goals. That’s why Anita advocates breaking up your marketing plans by timeframe, starting with your Annual plan. In this plan, your company will identify and set your benchmarks for what you would like to achieve in the next twelve months. That way, you’ll be able to work forward to those goals from day one. From there, you’ll identify your tactics and strategies that you’ll use to achieve your quarterly and seasonal goals.

After you’ve set your annual goals, Anita recommends you analyse your historical data. This will help you not only identify trends, like seasonal rises and falls in certain products, but identify your customers and audiences. Understanding where your audiences are down to the social media platform helps you plan out how you’ll get in front of them. That way, you’ll be able to target not only your campaigns, but your distribution across the different social platforms, advertising options, organic social and blog posts, and email.

Whether you’re launching your business for the first time, or are in the midst of your year, Anita’s session can help you understand where you want your business to be in the next twelve months with her simple framework. Make sure to attend her session on Friday at 2:25, and don’t miss her in our expert panel, “Making Sense Of Marketing Tech In 2017.”