eBay and Amazon: How Do They Stack Up?

27th February 2018

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eBay and Amazon have never been in greater competition than they are now, especially since Amazon’s arrival to Australia. When eCommerce websites first were used, eBay was one of the best sites to go to. You could find vintage toys, antiques, and even goods from other countries. But how do eBay and Amazon stack up against each other?

eBay is no longer the only eCommerce website to do your online shopping. Amazon came out as the leading online marketing place selling everything from groceries to shoes and accessories.

Each one has their advantages and disadvantages for online shopping I will share with you today. I hope it will help you as you embark on your online shopping mission.


eBay might not be used as often as Amazon, but sometimes it may be cheaper and you can find their uncommon items.

eBay Shopping Advantages

  • eBay has either very small or no fees for products which makes the price decrease.

  • eBay is an online auction, so if that’s the type of shopping experience you want this site is where to go.

  • Used products are easily found on eBay. Not only can you find books but also electronics and used parts for computers.

eBay Shopping Disadvantages

  • Compared to Amazon, eBay doesn’t have as many product reviews.

  • Seller feedback can be vague since the number of characters is capped.

Want to learn more about the monolithic marketplace?

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Compared to eBay, Amazon is the more popular online marketplace. Don’t let popularity influence your decisions, though, as both have clear advantages and disadvantages.

Amazon Shopping Advantages

  • Amazon has useful and an abundant number of product and customer reviews. This is great if you want to get the perfect product for you.

  • Amazon makes it easy to compare brands and products in one place. It saves you a trip to the store.

Amazon Shopping Disadvantages

  • When you compare eBay and Amazon, the prices tend to be higher on Amazon.

  • “Free shipping” doesn’t apply to all orders, which forces you to fill up your Amazon shopping cart.

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