National Tiles: Beyond The Digital Buzz

22nd February 2019
National Tiles: Beyond The Digital Buzz

Lynna Barrett, National Tiles Presents: Beyond the digital buzz – How National Tiles is winning at personalization  

National Tiles navigated through a blue ocean online of the Australian tile & flooring market to deliver an industry leading customer experience using AI and machine learning resulting in online becoming the number one selling store in a short space of time.

Lynna will share a methodological approach to building capability no matter what your industry, how siloed your data or how small your budget to leverage the latest technologies that will set your business on an exponential growth trajectory.

There are some exciting experiences to share on milestones, KPIs, people and data for companies who are looking to capitalize on the latest technologies to deliver real results and look beyond the digital buzz.

This session will be helpful to anyone striving to build a culture of innovation and exceptional customer service.


What Will You learn In This Session?

  • How to automate and optimize your customer journeys across all channels
  • How you can build a culture of innovation and exceptional customer service
  • How to stop being reactive and start being predictive

We asked Lynna “What about the event has got you excited?”

“I am always excited to hear people speak about what they are doing to innovate in their world to gain competitive advantage”

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Written by Retail Global