Milk It Academy: 5 Powerful Ways to Integrate Email and Social

20th February 2019
Milk It Academy: 5 Powerful Ways to Integrate Email and Social

When we think about Power Couples, we think Angelina and Brad (sob!), Kim and Kanye or even… Mac and Cheese! But there’s one power couple that doesn’t really get the limelight it deserves.

Well did you guess?

It’s email and social, of course!

Wind the clock back 5 years, and email and social were very separate platforms. Until suddenly, the digital marketing cupid shot his arrow and fate took its path. Ok, enough lovey-dovey discourse. Let me explain why email and social TRULY are better together!


Better Reach

Audiences are always going to hold personal preferences as to where and when you engage with them. There are the people who only brave their 1000+ unread email inbox when they’re desperate to read an important email. Social for the win! But at the same time, there are people who prefer the simplicity of email over the fake news and clickbait that populates social media. They think: social smoshul! Email all the way!

Integrating the two platforms will extend your reach to include a wider variety of preferences. Which ultimately gives you more people interacting with your brand!


Increased Traffic

It’s time to open the floodgates. When we open up a channel between the two platforms, we always find that some users will be tempted to pass between the two – and it’s in your best interest to tempt them further.

As the popularity of both channels increases, you will see your success reflected in increased traffic across both platforms. And you know what this means…GREATER ROI!


Facilitating Conversation

Email is a great way to directly engage segments of your audience, but like anything, it’s not perfect. To be Captain Obvious for a moment: email isn’t a social platform. BUT integrating it with a social platform will make up for this shortfall.

Emails can spark great conversations, so give your audience an avenue to keep them going!

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for. 5 Powerful ways to integrate email and social.


  1. Have Social Media Icons in Emails.

The easiest way to integrate social media to your email program is to include social media icons in your email. And don’t just put them at the bottom of your email, place them where people can see them: the top part of the email.

You can even take it a step further and have people like, tweet or pin content straight from your email, as you’ll read in tip two.

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2.Encourage your readers to share your content.

You’re probably used to sharing content on Facebook to your wall or retweeting stuff on Facebook. Most of us are. But we rarely share an email to our network, unless we’re a great retailer with a loyal following of tech-savvy advocates.

Think of a unique hashtag and encourage your readers to share their thoughts about your content via Social Media. You may also incorporate “tweet” and “like” buttons for specific quotes so it’s easier for your readers to share!

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3.Send a specific email about your Social Media accounts.

More often than not, the reason our readers do not notice social links in our emails is because there is already too much information in the email. The solution? Send an email just about your social media accounts, inviting them to follow you for more exclusive sales, events and product releases. Keep it low on copy and high impact visually. Who doesn’t love a good tile!

Hot Tip: Email campaigns that mention a social channel in the subject line have shown us an increase of up to 14% in open rates over standard mailings. Tssssssss! That’s the sound of your email burning cause it’s so HOT!

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4.Give incentives.

“What’s in it for me?!” Your readers might ask you this if you casually ask them to stalk your online hubs. And rightly so. The best approach for this is usually to give them something of great value so they can’t resist your offer. It doesn’t have to be financial…You could give them a trial of your services, a free course, challenge or a helpful eBook, for example. If you’re a retailer you might like to tease them with an exclusive offer coming up for your VIPs (list) or “free shipping” on their first purchase.

As the saying goes: incentivise me and I’ll… okay there’s no saying. But there should be!

5.Target your email list through Social Media.

Did you know you can target your email list on Facebook? Yes! What?! OMG!

The rumours are true. You can import your email contacts into Facebook and create targeted campaigns just for them. This is great because unlike targeting based on gender or age, you’re targeting people who are already engaged with your brand.

This takes custom audiences to a whole new level! In other words, Task: Amaze people with your marketing skills. Level: EXPERT.

We are frequently asked by clients where they should focus their energy. ‘Should I deep-dive into Facebook or Instagram OR should I spend my time on email?! Help!’

Our answer? BOTH.

If integrating email and social is on your to-do list for 2019, you should definitely consider attending our 2019 Retail Global workshop, The Profitable Pair: How to Combine Email and Social Marketing for Huge ROI.


You will learn and be able to….

  • Understand Industry benchmarks and user expectations for each channel
  • Run a multi-channel follower/subscriber acquisition campaign
  • Understand how to activate better results of promotional campaigns when social and email work together
  • Segment your content & message to create a fluid multi-channel marketing campaign (Set and forget styles!)

Watch the video here

Now onto campaign planning…

There’s something so special about this time of the year. Perhaps it’s the blank pages of my new planner, or finally being able to chase up those ‘let’s talk about it in the new year’ conversations. I’m feeling fresh and inspired, and that can only mean one thing – it’s time for campaign planning!

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