Marketplaces for Global eCommerce with Jason Wyatt

12th April 2017
Marketplaces for Global eCommerce with Jason Wyatt

When it comes to a successful eCommerce operation, ensuring the right mix of customer experience and usability is critical. This year, Jason Wyatt of marketplace solution Marketplacer will be speaking at Retail Global Gold Coast about building your solution and your community.

About Jason Wyatt

An entrepreneur at heart, Jason Wyatt and his childhood friend Sam Salter first established Marketplacer (formerly The Exchange Group) in 2007. Their first endeavour,, became a worldwide success and earned the Telstra Business of the Year award in 2012. In 2013, Jason and Sam were named EY Entrepreneurs of the Year.

Now, Marketplacer is dominating as a world-class creator of customised marketplaces on their fully-hosted solution. Marketplacer works with their clients to understand and address their unique online retail challenges, then creates a scalable and customised solution that offers global potential. With proven experience, knowledge, and the technology to support them, Marketplacer creates these solutions quickly and at the highest standard. That frees up their clients to engage with their community, onboard their team, build sales, marketing, and customer service plans, and generate business.

Session:  What Is Marketplacer & Why You Should Care

Creating a viable online retail marketplace requires more than just a platform and a product. Jason will be speaking this year about how to create a customised marketplace solution and engage and build your marketplace’s community.

Marketplacer’s fully-hosted solutions lets online retailers create a customised marketplace that supports global shopping, multiple languages, and many different products, service, industries, and shopping experience. But this kind of global eCommerce platform isn’t enough to ensure success, which is why Jason will also be speaking about how to create a member-based interest community, or “tribe,” that builds on itself.

You can learn more about Jason’s session here, which will be held on Thursday (Day 2) at 2:55 PM.

Advice for eCommerce People

Jason understands that maintaining focus is a real challenge, especially in the fast-paced world of eCommerce.

“Focus on minimal effort maximum return. In a very fast past environment, it is easy to become distracted.”

–Jason Wyatt

These distractions can be a huge roadblock and even derail entire operations. That’s why Jason recommends that online retailers focus on improving their ability to harness insights and BI to drive understanding, communication and, most importantly, an enhanced customer experience.

As a marketplace expert, he’s also staying on top of how businesses are leveraging existing marketplaces and what opportunities they’re missing. Most critical to a business’ success is:

  • How marketplaces are impacting the world at large
  • Whether the business has made themselves into a marketplace
  • How the business is engaging with and using the existing marketplaces

How each business balances these varies, but that each business is engaging and planning for these considerations is important. That’s why Jason’s top tips for new online retailers are to:

  • Think Marketplace first !!!
  • Use smart insights to drive the customer experience
  • Ensure your business can scale globally in a borderless world.

If you’d like to learn more about Jason Wyatt and Marketplacer, you can reach out to him via the Marketplacer site or follow him on Twitter @jasonawyatt. You can also connect with Marketplacer on LinkedIn or subscribe to the Marketplacer blog. You can learn more about Jason and the other Retail Global speakers here, or click here to buy your tickets. Use Jason’s speaker code “WYATT17” for a $100 saving off your ticket!