Last-minute Expert Christmas Tips To Optimise Sales

10th December 2019

Overwhelmed This Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner and down the road a bit. Traffic is jammed, everyone is stressing, and there’s still so much to do! It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the pressures of running your online store. Lucky for you, we at Retail Global are connected with some of Australia’s leading retailers and marketplace experts. 

I reached out to some of our favourites and asked them to give their best quick tip to make the most of the Christmas period. 


Jen Geale, MTB, mountain bikes droect, retail global, conference

Everyone is stressed this time of year, so try to be super empathetic with customers (no matter how irrational they may seem!). A late parcel or a problem with an order can be (or at least seem like!) a really big deal at this time of year, so use it as an opportunity to shine in customer service and go the extra mile in making it better where you can.

Jen Geale | Mountain Bikes Direct


If you’re taking time out over Christmas & New Year to spend with family and friends, you’ll probably be putting your eBay store into Holiday mode. Be aware that putting your eBay Store in Holiday mode doesn’t extend the time you have to dispatch any orders received. Unless you plan block purchases whilst your store is hibernating, you will need to change the Handling Time on all of your listings so the dispatch date is after you resume fulfilling orders. eBay Seller Protection will not cover you if you dispatch orders late.

So just before you head away, change the handling time to say 10 days (business days), and then a week later change it to 5 days, and then gradually reduce the handling time till you’re back to business as usual. If you are using eBay Business Policies, you can change the handling time in each of your active Postage Business Policies. If not, you can use the Bulk Listing Editor on eBay to modify the handling time on 500 listings at a time.  This is worth doing if you want to keep your seller performance rating high for the start of 2020.

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Tim Davies | ZELLIS


Make sure your warehouse can handle the growth that comes with the Christmas rush.”

Optimising labour efficiency and adopting enabling technologies now can save a lot of pain and stress in the future!

Nimrod Ganon | KG Electronic

And there you have it, folks. What did you think of these tips? Have a tip for the community you think other retailers would appreciate? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Ben Karklins