Amazon Is Coming to Australia: Here’s How to Get Your eCommerce Business Ready

18th April 2017
Amazon Is Coming to Australia: Here’s How to Get Your eCommerce Business Ready

Sound the alarm! Amazon is coming!

In all seriousness, it’s doubtful that a single online retailer in Australia isn’t aware that Amazon will soon be making its presence felt in the Southern Hemisphere.

“According to [Bittain] Ladd, Amazon has plans to have its flagship Australian website up and running by 2018, which will include a version of its Prime membership, which provides a range of membership perks like faster shipping.”

–Prinitha Govender, Power Retail

Amazon has been the talk of the entire industry, from doomsday predictions heralding the end of Australian eCommerce as we know it to talk of creating an increased global impact of Australian brands in the world’s shopping carts.

The thing is, whether you think your business will suffer or flourish (we strongly believe the latter) from Amazon’s imminent arrival, the best thing you can do for your business and your bottom line is understand what selling on Amazon entails.

Every Australian Online Retailer Should Create an Amazon Seller Account

There’s absolutely no doubt about it: when Amazon fully launches in Australia, the way Australians shop online will be fundamentally transformed.

Once Amazon fully enters the Australian market (and has opened up its fulfillment centers), we fully anticipate that this change will be swift and sweeping.

It’s not just Amazon’s staggering catalogue of products, its world-renowned customer service, or its industry-leading fulfillment services. Amazon’s services are so vast and so encompassing that it offers a complete online retail solution. The important part, though, is that Amazon’s complete solution is just as beneficial for retailers as it is for consumers.

Once Amazon opens its fulfillment centers, Australian businesses will be able to leave their domestic retail logistics in Amazon’s capable hands. The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) system allows retailers to send their goods to be warehoused with Amazon. When an order comes in, Amazon ships it out at an often faster and cheaper rate than you could do it yourself. That eliminates the need for complicated logistics agreements, warehouse space, and shipping supplies, which drastically reduces your overhead. Businesses that don’t want to do FBA can still list and sell their products on Amazon while maintaining control of the fulfilment themselves.

Why Australian eCommerce Businesses Should Join Amazon NOW

“That’s nice,” you say, “but those centers aren’t open now.”

True. Amazon isn’t likely to open up shop until at least 2018. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join NOW.

There are five simple reasons to become an Amazon Seller today:

1.  Open Up New Markets: Amazon has huge global reach and Australian goods are often perceived to be of high quality in markets like the US and China. Set up your seller account and start reaching new markets and expand your business’ footprint.

2.  Global Fulfillment: Reaching new markets doesn’t mean you’ll have to be paying enormous shipping fees. FBA centers are open in over 100 countries now. You can ship your products directly to these centers and skip the warehousing and individual order fulfillment entirely.

3.  Increase Your Exposure: Australia has unique products that aren’t available in other markets. Amazon allows sellers to get set up and selling quickly with great exposure

4.  Understand the Beast: The only way to get a jump on your competitors is to master Amazon before it gets here. You can sign up to become a seller on the US site and familiarise yourself with the platform and how to sell on it. At only $39.99 USD a month, it’s a small cost to gain invaluable experience, exposure, and even sales.

5.  Australians Are Already Shopping While may be restricted to ebooks, that doesn’t mean that isn’t being shopped by Australians. Many US and Asian sellers offer shipping to Australia. You can distinguish your products easily with comparatively low shipping rates and speedy delivery.

How to Prepare for Amazon Coming to Australia

Ready or not, your eCommerce business will soon need to deal with the reality of Amazon’s bid to become the dominant Australian eCommerce marketplace.

There’s a couple of steps you should take to continue your research, become familiar with the Amazon marketplace and platform, and learn how to springboard your eCommerce business ahead of the competition.

1.  Start with some recommended content

–Watch our ‘Amazon Tips & Tricks webinar’ for free. We asked 4 Top USA Amazon Sellers to give us their advice on selling on Amazon: Amazon Tips & Tricks Webinar

–Power Retail has a great article here about how to get your feet wet: Amazon Infiltrates Australia—How Retailers Can Take Advantage

–Our friend and Amazon expert, Neil Waterhouse, covers How to make money on Amazon in Australia

–Learn all the ins and outs of Amazon’s programs from the masters themselves: Why Sell on Amazon?

2.  Create your Amazon seller account 

–You can become a seller on the US site here. What are you waiting for?

3. Learn from Amazon’s Onboarding Execs by attending Retail Global’s Amazon workshops 

–Retail Global is the only conference that’s bringing Amazon to you. With several workshops covering how Amazon will work and steps to onboard your business, you can learn directly from Amazon’s executives how to make your business thrive on the world’s most innovative eCommerce marketplace.

Amazon will be a huge topic at this year’s Retail Global Gold Coast. Not only will Amazon be sending speakers for the workshops mentioned above, there will also be speakers like Eric Heller who will be sharing their lessons and thoughts during their own sessions. You can browse the full program here or buy your tickets here. If you buy before November 30th, you can save $500 on your Retail Global pass!