Mastering Manufacturing and More with Elyse Daniels

17th May 2017
Mastering Manufacturing and More with Elyse Daniels


When it comes to serving up exactly what the customer wants, Elyse Daniels of Exodus Wear is the expert. Her customised jacket line has grown to be world-famous, with celebrities like Justin Bieber and Justice Crew sporting the customised apparel. At Retail Global Gold Coast, Elyse will be sharing her tips for retailers on transitioning to own your manufacturing process to get even better control of your business.

About Elyse Daniels

Elyse Daniels has been involved in making her customers happy since she was twelve years old. She took her experience in working with her family’s promotional products business and launched her own brand of fully-customisable jackets. Exodus Wear got its start creating customer-designed jackets for high schools and community organisations,. Now, it has grown to become internationally known. Today, Exodus Wear is a multi-million dollar business catering to both organisations and individuals.

Today, her Australian business is thriving, but it didn’t get there easily. After having weathered the ups and downs that come with starting a business, Elyse is now ready to share her lessons.

About Elyse’s Session at Retail Global

Elyse has gained valuable experience from founding and running Exodus Wear, especially working with the manufacturing process. Elyse had to learn quickly, as her company specialises in high-quality, customised goods. Now, she’ll be sharing the lessons she’s learned about the benefits of taking control of your manufacturing..

Elyse will discuss how to cut out the middleman by manufacturing your products in China. Elyse has learned some hard lessons, especially when it comes to maintaining control over your products and process. She’ll teach you how to build your product range while also increasing your sales margin.

Elyse’s Advice for Online Retailers

As someone who takes personalisation to the next level, Elyse advocates that retailers offer a tailored experience for their customers. One thing that she really wants retailers to realise is that the customer experience doesn’t stop after they get their order confirmation. Shipping and package tracking is important to customers and serves as a key differentiator for many stores.

She also advocates that offering customers the ability to experience your product as much as possible helps them make the decision to buy. This is especially true if you sell premium products. Detailed descriptions, high-quality images from multiple angles, and free samples all allow your visitors the confidence to make the purchase.

For new retailers, Elyse recommends starting by:

  • Creating a unique line or collection of products
  • Case your net wide on social media and use influencers to promote your range
  • Install pay later options like Afterpay or ZipPay. These instalment payment services make it easier for customers to pull the trigger even on larger price tags.

If you’d like to learn more about Elyse Daniels and Exodus Wear, visit the website at You can also follow the Exodus Wear Facebook page. You can also connect with Elyse on LinkedIn. You can learn more about Elyse and the other Retail Global speakers here, or click here to buy your tickets. Use Elyse’s discount code “EXODUS17” for $100 savings off your ticket!