The Future of Digital Marketing and More with Alita Harvey Rodriguez

18th April 2017
The Future of Digital Marketing and More with Alita Harvey Rodriguez

Half the battle to win sales online comes from your outreach and contact with your customers. Yet many online retailers are still working with outdated digital marketing strategies that don’t account for smaller screens, savvier audiences, and innovative technologies. That’s where Alita Harvey Rodriguez and the Milk It Academy come in.

About Alita Harvey Rodriguez

Alita is more than a digital marketing expert. She’s leveraged her experience and lessons learned from working with global brands like SAP, Experian, and Estée Lauder to become one of Australia’s foremost experts in marketing, digital leadership, and customer outreach.

Milk it Academy was instrumental in helping us to reach our $20,000,000 goal.”

–Kirsty Chapman, Managing Director Discount Party Supplies.

As the Managing Director and brains behind Milk It Academy, and a regular contributor to sites like SEMRush and, Alita shares her expertise with businesses of all types. She focusses on taking business data and translating it into strategies to unveil hidden profit opportunities while maintaining and building her raving fan base. Alita has helped Milk It Academy members leverage their existing customer databases to create more sales and more loyal customers.

Session: Reclaim Revenue – The Mobile Inbox and the Future of Email Marketing

It’s no secret that online retail is now a mobile game, but how has your company adjusted to meet this new digital world? While some retailers are under the mistaken impression that email is on its way out, that’s only because they haven’t adjusted to the new reality of small screens, short attention spans, and customer centricity.

Alita’s session will detail how your business can adjust its strategies and tactics to stand out in your customer’s mobile inbox. She’ll share not only the lessons she’s learned, but actionable tips to adjust your email strategies to become more customer-centric, take advantage of micro-data, improve your email’s mobile user experience, and innovate the future.

Alita’s Lessons for Online Retailers

Alita’s expertise remains firmly grounded in understanding your buyer’s journey and building trust between your brand and your customers.

“Throw away your agenda. Not everyone is ready to purchase when you say ‘Buy Now!’ Everyone has their trust building journey, whether the price is big or small.”

–Alita Harvey Rodriguez

As someone who embraces understanding your data and your customers, Alita also advocates that retailers make a commitment to set aside time for innovation and brainstorming. Too often, she sees her clients get bogged down in the day-to-day tasks of running their business. When they set aside time to meet with their teams and start working together to approach their problems and customers together, magic happens. They’re able to capitalise on the experience of the group to evaluate current projects, identify the winners and cut the losers, and start acting on the intelligence their team has gathered.

Alita is also excited about the new technologies and trends she foresees for 2017. The mobile inbox will dominate (hence her session), but she’s also excited about the rise of bots and real-time hyper-personalisation. You can check out her thoughts on these topics and more in her recent article about Facebook bots.

Regardless of your company’s size, Alita wants online retailers to adjust the way they’re approaching their digital marketing. Innovation and adopting modern strategies will be the only way forward to ensure that your business is effectively reaching out to its customer base. For eCommerce operations that are just starting out (or who haven’t yet begun planning their digital outreach), Alita recommends that you:

  • Personalise the experience and product
  • Invest in influencers backed by Google PPC as a start up. People need to develop trust and influencers help brands do that fast!
  • Take the time to examine your sales data and don’t be afraid to test out your theories

To learn more from Alita, you can explore the Milk It Academy site, browse her blog, or connect on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  You can learn more about Alita and the other Retail Global speakers here, or click here to buy your tickets. Use Alita’s speaker code “ALITA17” for a $100 saving off your ticket!