Creating a Brand and Community with The Beach People

21st March 2017
Creating a Brand and Community with The Beach People

A simple idea. A stunning success.

The Beach People, founded by sisters Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie, quickly rose to success from a single concept: a round beach towel. The brand has blossomed since its 2013 start and is now carried in over 600 stores in over 30 countries. The Beach People’s success has much to do with social media and staying true to its roots as a seaside brand dedicated to luxurious staples and a strong community.

This year, Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie will be sharing their personal insights and lessons for branding a growing eCommerce business at Retail Global Gold Coast. Emma and Victoria will focus their discussion on communicating and inspiring with on-brand social media and content sharing. The sisters will also share tips on how to have an active voice in the crowded retail marketplace.

About Emma Henderson

Emma has led The Beach People’s creative direction from the very beginning. Inspired by their childhood spent on a yacht and a seaside home, Emma and Victoria have built The Beach People to stay close to their roots. The brand has now expanded beyond the iconic round towels and became one of the first Australian brands to be carried in Bergdorf Goodman and Selfridges. As creative director, Emma focuses heavily on shaping The Beach People’s branding and presence, ensuring that they stay closely aligned with their core principles of seaside living, friends and family, and quality.

Be authentic, honest, and consistent.

-Emma Henderson

About Victoria Beattie

Victoria Beattie is the other Co-founder of the seaside luxe lifestyle brand. In fact, Victoria’s small beach shack in the coastal town of Kingscliff was the first home for The Beach People, which now has offices on the Gold Coast, Los Angeles and warehouses all around the globe. Victoria helped take the brand from a local start-up to a globally-recognised brand and quickly gained expertise in navigating global economies, multiple currencies, and business growth.

“[Expanding to the US] was one of the hardest seasons of our business so far, America is so big and it’s hard to gain traction. We were still in start-up mode so it was a gutsy move to launch the USA and Europe within our second year of trading, but we’re gearing up for our best Summer yet”

-Victoria Beattie

Commerce’s Evolving Branding Needs

Victoria and Emma’s experience in running The Beach People has taught the sisters much about what consumers are looking for. Beyond fulfilment needs like next-day delivery, consumers are now actively searching for a deeper connection with brands and their employees.

The sisters have made a focus of offering their fans and followers an opportunity to create a deeper connection. Using platforms like Instagram and Facebook Live, they work hard to share The Beach People story and lifestyle in a way that’s genuine. For this fan base, Victoria and Emma have discovered that their customers are seeking a more ethical, locally-sourced option backed by swift fulfilment and excellent customer service. While customers are demanding more than ever – from a seamless shopping experience to extraordinary interactions with retailers’ employees – they have also found that these customers are extremely loyal.

Victoria and Emma’s Advice for New Online Retailers

For new and growing eCommerce operations, speed is the name of the game. Emma and Victoria’s experience at The Beach People has taught them that your business’ speed has a huge impact on the success and growth of your business. From the ability to hire the right talent quickly to going to market with new products, an online retailer needs to adjust swiftly to stay ahead of the competition.

Importantly, the sisters believe that retailers need to be more open to adapting to new trends in their marketplaces and the Internet. The evolution of social media tools like Live video or SnapChat offer retailers huge opportunities to reach out and connect with their existing and new audiences.

If you’d like to learn more about Emma, Victoria, and The Beach People, you can reach out to them via The Beach People website, FacebookInstagram, or Pinterest. You can learn more about Emma and the other speakers here, or click here to buy your tickets. Use the sisters’ speaker codes “Henderson17” or “Beattie17” for a $100 saving off your ticket!