Creating Abundance and More with Lesley Mitchell

22nd March 2017
Creating Abundance and More with Lesley Mitchell

Creating a successful small business is a mix of knowledge, perseverance, and passion.

For Lesley Mitchell, author of over 16 books, successful soap and bath product maker and retailer, and much more, passion has been the driving force behind her venture’s successes. She has not only created a successful business, but an opportunity for self-employment and -discovery, sustainability, and assisting others.

About Lesley Mitchell

Lesley is a huge proponent of finding your passion and monetising it. She’s done so successfully herself, as a founder of the Renascent College for natural health and wellness. She soon launched Renascent Bath & Body to meet the need for natural bath and body care products that both looked beautiful and worked. Renascent Bath & Body quickly became an eCommerce success with buyers across APAC.

Lesley firmly believes that retail success is dependent on customer engagement. She actively asks her customers for advice and feedback, then uses these insights to tailor her products and services.

More than that, Lesley actively strives to use her business to transform the lives she touches. Lesley and the Renascent Bath & Body team supply soap making base products to a remote indigenous community. Dealing with issues of scale and delivery to a remote destination, Renascent Bath & Body has been able to supply this Indigenous community with all the products and training that the local women need to create soap for the tourism industry. This income has allowed these women to create a financially viable future and provide a future for their children.

My goal is to turn our business into something much larger than just a business.

–Lesley Mitchell

Lesley Mitchell’s Session at Retail Global

Lesley Mitchell will be speaking this year at Retail Global Gold Coast as part of the new Mind Frame track. As both an online retailer and a teacher, Lesley will be sharing her insights and lessons on how to achieve Abundance in your life. Her practical, workshop-style talk will inspire attendees to embrace change in life and business. Lesley’s philosophies will help attendees reach a higher potential of financial abundance while also achieving joy, a sense of success, and fun. You can learn more about her session here, or browse the full program of events here.

Lesley’s Advice for New Retailers

New platforms, technologies, and the success in online retail have made it easier than ever to transform your passion into a business. For people looking to enter eCommerce, Lesley recommends taking some time to reflect and identify those topics you are passionate about. Then, spend some time thinking about monetising it.

By leveraging social media, you can quickly create a brand and online community that allows you to engage with your new audience. Lesley also advocates bringing your business wherever people are, from platforms like eBay and Amazon to networks like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Most importantly, collaborate, learn, and teach with both your customers and your peers. The lessons you learn will help you build a stronger business and a more enriching life.

If you’d like to learn more about Lesley’s businesses or learn from her, you can reach out to her via the Renascent College website or the Renascent Bath & Body store. You can also connect with Renascent on Facebook (College or Bath & Body). You can learn more about Lesley and the other Retail Global speakers here, or click here to buy your tickets. Use Lesley’s speaker code “MITCHELL17” for a $100 saving off your ticket!