Collaborative Customer Outreach with Ovisto

17th May 2017
Collaborative Customer Outreach with Ovisto

As online retailers, we are constantly searching for new ways to reach out to prospective customers and convince them to convert. While advertising, SEO, and leveraging social media influencers are all great ways to reach out to new customers, these tactics typically have low conversion rates.

Interview with Holger Numrich, Ovisto Managing Director

Ovisto, a shop-to-shop voucher network, has created a new way to reach customers. It allows Australian eCommerce stores to reach out to new customers by offering vouchers and discounts at the end of the checkout process on participating partner sites. So, when your prospect finishes up their shopping on one online store, they’re immediately offered a selection of discounts to other stores using Ovisto.

Ovisto is a smart way to reach out to customers who are already in the shopping mind frame.

This collaborative approach to building customer bases is a sharp departure to other, black-hat tactics, like buying email lists and spamming these unsuspecting leads. Instead, Ovisto helps your brand build trust and recognition by offering exclusive deals and discounts to these new visitors.

With conversion rates of up to 15%, Ovisto is reshaping the way Australian eCommerce stores reaching out to new customers.

Learn more about Ovisto at their site, and make sure to visit their booth at Retail Global Gold Coast!