Big Data Hacks with Britney Muller, Founder of Pryde Marketing

14th January 2016
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Big Data is a distinct game changer in today’s retail landscape. Savvy retailers are already seizing the opportunity to predict trends, prepare for demand, pinpoint customers, optimise pricing, analyze results and ultimately stay ahead of their competition.

Big Data presents an exciting opportunity for retailers but also can viewed as a daunting challenge.

We recently spoke with Britney Muller, Founder of Pryde Marketing – a strategical medical marketing agency based in Denver, USA.

Check out on the video below to uncover some of her top tips and tricks on how to:

  • focus on the right “big data” for your business
  • quickly increase conversion rates online
  • exploit hacks for growing your Instagram
  • provide value to your customers through data

Britney Muller will share more Big Data insights at Retail Global on the Gold Coast 25-27 May 2016. Book now at

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