Amazon Prime is LIVE in Australia

19th June 2018
Amazon Prime is LIVE in Australia

As of this morning, Amazon Prime is now live in Australia! It’s the moment we have all been waiting for since their launch in November last year. But don’t expect to receive the full US service just yet.

You, along with the rest of Australia, can sign up for the service today for $60 per year, as opposed to $119 in the US. There are a few features that are missing from the Australian service, such as; Amazon Dash (Amazon’s product-branded instant order buttons), Free Audible Audiobooks (if you’re into the soothing sounds of Morgan Freeman reading excerpts from John Lithgow’s, ‘The Poet’s Corner’, then you’re out of luck) and free two hour shipping in some cities.

According to Amazon, the Prime subscription will give 90% of Australian customers the opportunity to take advantage of free 2-day shipping in metro areas, and free expedited shipping in rural and remote areas (4-5 days).

Jamil Ghani, Vice President of Prime International at Amazon, had this to say about the launch;

“We hope that Australians will love free two business day delivery on products from Amazon Australia and free international delivery on products from Amazon US, all available to customers on We are really proud to bring Australians the most extensive set of Prime benefits at launch for any country – ever. This is just the beginning for Prime in Australia, as we will keep making Prime better, adding even more selection and benefits.”

What does this mean for Retailers?

Amazon’s biggest challenge is getting the prime messaging across to consumers. Short term, we may not see a massive change, but long term, this is a game changer!

Amazon has now pumped up their advertising efforts in a big way with TVCs, billboards, Trams, and everywhere online, so we will definitely see a rise in interest among consumers in the coming weeks. Which is great news for you!

The best way to see how Amazon will affect you as a retailer is to see the value it provides to the consumers. So my suggestion is to jump on the Prime trial as an everyday user and see what you think for yourself.

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Written by Ben Karklins, Ambassador of Buzz at Retail Global