Speaker Spotlight: OFX’s Ed Wiley

22nd May 2017
Speaker Spotlight: OFX’s Ed Wiley

Growing your business globally can reap high rewards by expanding your customer base, but it can be difficult to overcome challenges like currency exchanges.

That’s where OFX comes in. For online merchants selling internationally, OFX is an invaluable tool to make payments and collect revenues.

While most platforms make it possible to convert the local currency back into Australian Dollars, they typically charge 3.5–4% for the privilege. For a business that makes $500,000, that’s $20,000!

OFX works differently by creating a local bank account for your business.

That way, you’re not only able to pay suppliers, but receive payments from your marketplaces like Amazon. Then, either on an automated schedule or manually, OFX helps transfer that money back to your Australian account at a low rate – typically around 1% or less. That’s a direct infusion of $15,000 back into your business.

As a featured exhibitor, OFX will be attending Retail Global and available throughout the event at the exhibition hall. Ed Wiley, OFX’s Alliance Manager, will also be participating in Friday’s Roundtable session at 2:25 pm. He has some great insight on how to prepare your business for Amazon’s Australian debut – check out some of his thoughts here. Make sure to drop by and learn how OFX can help your business expand its international trade!