6 Reasons to Attend Retail Global Gold Coast

17th May 2017
6 Reasons to Attend Retail Global Gold Coast

If you’ve begun searching for ways to improve your eCommerce business, you’re already ahead of the game. Retail has fundamentally transformed since the advent of online shopping, and the impact has been felt across the globe. Online retailers, especially in growing markets like Australia, can’t afford to rest on their laurels.

Things will be changing soon for Australian eCommerce stores, especially since we now know Amazon will be fully operational within the next 18 months. Now is the time to prepare.

The best way to kickstart your store’s growth is by learning from your peers in the online retail world. From global brands to solo eBay sellers, the best way to stay ahead of shifting markets and abreast of current trends is with knowledge.

Retail Global, one of Australia’s longest-running online retail conferences is just the place to go for this knowledge. If you’re still on the fence about attending, check out these 6 reasons why you should make the time to attend Retail Global Gold Coast this May 24th-26th.

Unparalleled Learning Experience

If you’ve ever been to an industry conference, you may be wary of how much knowledge you’ll actually take home. At Retail Global, however, you don’t need to worry about listening to unhelpful presentations.

Retail Global CEO, Phil Leahy, has hand-picked each and every one of the speakers at this year’s conference based on their expertise, storytelling, and actionable tips. The result is a three-day schedule that is back-to-back learning.

Take a look at our program to see what we mean. Retail Global speakers are focused on sharing real, actionable information, tactics, and tips to help you grow your eCommerce business. And, with experts ranging from Amazon’s own Steven Scrive to eBay growth hacker Neil Waterhouse, you won’t waste a minute.

Network with Other Online Retail Professionals

At Retail Global, we’re firm believers in peer learning. That’s why we’ve crafted the entire Retail Global experience to help attendees meet and learn from one another.

Whether you’ll be attending solo or as part of a group, make sure to take advantage of our breaks, meals, and tea times (as well as events like the Gala Dinner) to meet and learn from other Retail Global attendees.

You’ll also find that the speakers and presenters at Retail Global spend their days learning side-by-side with you, giving you the opportunity to introduce yourself even outside of their sessions.

Amazon Will Be at Retail Global

Did you know that Retail Global is the only online retail event in Australia that will be attended by Amazon?

We’ve been preaching the need for Australian online retailers to join the Amazon platform even before they officially announced their foray into the Australian market. Instead of being nervous, though, you should embrace this change and take the opportunity to learn their platform, explore their marketplace, and position yourself for success when Amazon goes fully live.

With special onboarding workshops hosted by Amazon’s Steven Scrive, as well as sessions throughout the week focusing on succeeding on Amazon, you’ll leave the Gold Coast prepared to establish your business and products on this tremendous platform.

Evaluate Relevant Services and Products

Have you ever attended a trade show that felt more like a sales pitch than a learning opportunity? Yeah, we have, too.

That’s why you’ll experience a different kind of event at Retail Global. Our exhibitors have the types of tools, advice, and expertise you need to address your business’ outstanding challenges. From marketing your product to delivering it to the customer, our exhibitors cover the full gamut of online retail needs.

Located in a central exhibitor area, you’ll be able to meet and speak one-on-one with them to get your questions answered. If you’re looking to solve a particular business need, check out our full exhibitor list here and make sure to stop by their booths during the breaks!

Unbeatable Value for Money

While we’re all happy to write off our business expenditures at the end of the year, no one wants to shell out big money on a three-day event.

At Retail Global, we have consciously chosen to create an event that is accessible to retailers of all sizes and reach. While some events cater to specific crowd – multimillion dollar brands or solo sellers – Retail Global bridges these gaps. We deliver a conference with a breadth of material appropriate for any seller and a venue, speaker line up, and experience that can’t be beaten.

To ensure that everyone can attend, and to make it easier for a business to send more than one representative, onsite Retail Global tickets are priced at just $995 (buy online to save $100!). When you take a look around at other online retailer events, you’ll discover that their early bird pricing starts at $1400!

The Most Fun You’ll Have at A Conference

Still not sure if you can justify attending? Don’t forget that Retail Global is fun.

You won’t find painfully quiet, mumbling speakers or bland finger foods. Instead, come to Retail Global expecting to have a good time.

You’ll find that our energetic, education focused speakers motivate while they educate. When you’re not in the classroom, enjoy high-quality, hot foods and drinks that actually hit the spot. You can even attend the Braintree Charity Gala Dinner, which is always a great time. From live entertainment (last year, there were acrobats. This year is still a surprise 😉 ) to great music provided by DJ John Winning.



With these six reasons to attend Retail Global, you should have no trouble convincing the boss to approve your trip (even if you are the boss!). To learn more about Retail Global, take a moment and browse through: